TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A United Airlines jet executed an emergency landing in Tampa, Florida, on Wednesday after pilots received a warning regarding a potential issue with a door, as reported by an airport spokesperson.

The incident involved an Airbus A319, and the emergency diversion was a precautionary measure to address the reported mechanical concern. The flight, en route from Sarasota, Florida, to Chicago, safely landed in Tampa, where fire crews were on standby.

A spokesperson for Tampa International Airport revealed that the initial report to emergency dispatchers mentioned a triggered door indicator light, prompting the decision to divert the aircraft.

The United Airlines spokesperson confirmed that the plane, carrying 123 passengers and five crew members, resumed its journey after addressing the reported issue. The airline assured that the safety of passengers and crew remained a top priority.

This occurrence follows a recent incident involving an Alaska Airlines Boeing Max 9 jetliner, where a plug serving as a door substitute blew off shortly after takeoff from Portland, Oregon.

The plane’s diversion and subsequent resolution were conducted swiftly, with tracking data from FlightAware indicating that the aircraft was airborne for less than an hour.

The incident was initially reported by WFLA-TV, highlighting the importance of vigilant safety measures in the aviation industry. United Airlines emphasized its commitment to passenger safety and adherence to rigorous maintenance protocols.

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